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Our Technology
We have exceptional developers who know precisely how to make the best of any given application. We work upon numerous important technologies of the world, including Java, Php, HTML/Jquery. iPhone (iOS), Android and MySQL. We have a decade long experience in these technologies and are working with some of the best thoughts and clients in the industry. Our technology solutions vest your business beyond success. They help you reach out to your customers and clients wherever they are, design extremely flexible and powerful websites, operate fully functional and intuitive online shopping portals, develop iOS and Android apps for your business, and a lot more. With the help of this, you can open a world of new opportunities for your business and expand it into horizons unexplored and unthought-of by yourself.



iPhone, a Smartphone launched by Apple that brought a revolution in the mobile industry. With multiple features and user-friendly interface.



Android, an operating system based on Linux, which was designed with the idea of supporting touchscreen mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets.



MySQL is a database management system, short for My Structured Query Language, is an open source database management system which manages structured collection of data.


Ext JS

Ext JS is the foremost benchmark for business-grade web application development.It provides all the tools necessary for building high-quality and efficient RIA (Rich Internet Application)applications.