Why Choose itscPro For Routers?

Wireless AC Technology

itscPro, USA

The EA6900 Smart Wi-Fi Router offers AC technology for seamless/smoother video and music streaming. Connect your computers, Internet-ready TVs, game consoles, and other Wi-Fi devices at transfer rates up to 600 + 1300 Mbps speed for a premium home network experience.

The Power of Dual-Band

itscPro, USA

Double your network bandwidth with Dual-Band AC (2.4 and 5 GHz) designed to help avoid interference and maximise throughput. Ideal for HD video streaming, high speed file transfers and wireless gaming.

Beamforming Technology

itscPro, USA

Focuses the wireless signal from the router to the client device for optimal performance.

USB Ports** - 1 x USB3.0 - 1 x USB2.0

itscPro, USA

Add external storage or other devices to share across your network. USB 3.0 transfer rate is 10x faster than USB 2.0.

Benefits of Gigabit

itscPro, USA

Use the four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) ports for quick file sharing, 10x faster than standard Ethernet, between other Gigabit-enabled devices like computers, hard drives, and servers.

Advanced Security

itscPro, USA

Wireless WPA/WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall help keep your network safely connected.

Commons Problems With Routers

We also help you set them up in the most secured manner so that you know you are playing it safe

IP Address Conflicts

This occurs when two computers on the same LAN network end up with the same IP address. When this occurs, both computers end up not being able to connect to network resources or perform other network operations.

Slow Network Speed

As the centerpiece of a network, a broadband router can be responsible for slow Internet connections if configured improperly.

Installation of Router

Most wireless routers come with a lot of complex features that most people don't necessarily need -- like restricting websites or blocking computers at certain hours of the day.

Setting up Guest Network

if you give your friend, neighbor, house guest, or whoever the passphrase to your Wi-Fi AP, you’ve also given them access to your network printer, any open shares on your network, unsecured devices on your network, and so on.

Removing Bugs and Errors

Several models of routers are vulnerable to an attack that leaves little for non-technical users to protect themselves until a fix is issued.

Adding Devices to Your Network

Once your network is secured with an encrypted passphrase, you can increase security by restricting access to your network to a set of devices on the Wireless Card Access List

DLNA Certified® Media Server

itscPro, USA

Easily search for and play media (video, music, images) across your network. The built-in DLNA Certified® media server enables media streaming to your TV, Xbox 360, PS3, or other DLNA compatible devices.

Guest Access

itscPro, USA

Easily secure your network while providing guests with Wi-Fi access.

Easy Setup

itscPro, USA

Simple installation, no CD required.

Parental Controls

itscPro, USA

Easily manage access to the Internet by device with the ability to create a schedule and block specific websites. Monitor at home or while away with SMART Wi-Fi using your computer browser or smartphone.

Be Smart Wi-Fi

itscPro, USA

Enhanced wireless router web interface. Monitor and control your home network from anywhere using computer browser or smart-phone.

Device Priority Quality of Service (QOS)

itscPro, USA

Wi-Fi traffic prioritization for smooth HD video performance.
Problems at a Glance !
  • Wireless Network Problems Troubleshooting
  • Router Passphrase Recovery
  • Reset Router to Factory Settings
  • Media Streaming Issues
  • Cannot upgrade the router firmware
  • Unable to download/install router software on your PC
  • Router unable to get paired with a network
  • Network Firewall Configuration
  • Firmware upgrade is needed to boost router’s performance
  • Unable to access its security information/unable to login
  • Unable to forward ports for specific services or security cameras
Solution at its Best !
  • Fix software update Issues
  • Install and update device driver software
  • Troubleshoot Internet connection problems
  • Fix no Internet through the router
  • Reset router to factory settings
  • Reset router passphrase
  • Fix wireless network security issues
  • We offer prompt assistance for every issue that is being put forth us
  • We are open to sort of any additional query related to actual issue
  • Technical assistance is delivered by Networking specialists
  • Technical support services are provided by Network engineers