Quality Assurance

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Our Quality Assurance
itscPro pays highest consideration to the superiority testing and assurance of its services and solutions. We ensure that you get solutions with world-class quality for superior satisfaction and durability of services.
We conduct severe unit testing and follow it up with integration testing applied by quality guarantee engineers. This is followed by a transparent acceptance testing which is done to make sure that our customer is satisfied with the progress of the project so far.
itscPro transparent methodology provides for an online access to the quality assurance system for tracking the quality status of the project with the help of software development life cycle.

Our Quality Programs
itscPro retains quality and customer fulfilment at the highpoint of its priority list. For every project that we assume, the excellence plans of that project are prepared at the very start of the project. We number out all the superiority programs that have to be combined and the quality morals that have to be met with.

Quality Management Program
At itscPro, we have adapted certain activities in our quality management agenda. Our quality management program involves the following activities:
itscPro | United States   Conformation to specific standards or guidelines.
itscPro | United States   Formulation of quality plan.
itscPro | United States   Making of test plans and determination of test coverage.
itscPro | United States   Provision of test cases.
itscPro | United States   Validation of plans and test cases.
itscPro | United States   Recording and resolution of problems.
itscPro | United States   Focusing on different quality measures.
itscPro | United States   Working with a time-frame in mind.
itscPro | United States   Eradication of the risk of failure.
itscPro | United States   Following every step of software development lifecycle (SDLC) before addressing actual code and testing.

Software Engineering Principles
Some of our time-tested software engineering principles are:
itscPro | United States   Developing prototypes if required and specifying detailed design and functional specifications.
itscPro | United States   Regaining client feedback before starting actual product development.
itscPro | United States   Time estimation.
itscPro | United States   Architectural design of software.
itscPro | United States   Full utilization and allocation of resources.
itscPro | United States   Task break-up.
itscPro | United States   Scheduled release of quality assurance.
itscPro | United States   Testing plans related to quality assurance
itscPro | United States   Properly documented admin, user and installation guides.