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Mail Server Support

With the click of a mouse button, you can send an email from one point of the globe to another in a matter of seconds. Most of us take this process for granted, giving little thought to how it actually works. It's easy to understand how standard snail-mail gets from point A to point B – but how does an email message make its way from a sender to a recipient? The answer to that question revolves around something called a mail server. You can learn more about the role that mail serves play in email delivery by reading on below.

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Types of Mail Servers and Support

Windows Server


An easy to use Mail Server for Windows 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7. Windows Mail Server is an advanced, secure and high performing mail server. With support for all standard mail protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and WebMail, the software can meet the needs of almost any business or home user.

Linux Server


Our Linux mail server has been tested for high volume transactions/day on a simple hardware and operating on the Fedora, Redhat, SentOS and Ubuntu. Our Linux Mail Server mail feature avoids the mail to run and routed through third party's server space where the data security is compromised.

Server Support


We understand the impact of server and storage failure on an organisation’s operations, that’s why we have specific escalation procedures in place for storage and server maintenance. The critical nature of the server and storage environment can mean that standard manufacturers’ warranties.

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Common Problems with Mail Server

We’re going to describe the most common problems with email and suggest ways to fix particular issues.

Received Mail Bounceback

If you attempted to send an email message to a third-party mail server and received a bounceback. Usually it contains the reason why the email was bounced back to you. Some common reasons are either Poor reputation or Recipient does not exist.

Cannot Receive Emails

There exists a decent number of reasons that may cause you not to be able to read emails. The most common are Username is incorrent, using SSL on non-SSL ports, Wrong host/server and Wrong ports (non-SSL).

Can’t Send Emails

There exists a decent number of reasons that may cause you not to be able to read emails. The most common are SMTP Authentication, SMTP username is incorrent, Using SSL on non-SSL ports, Wrong ports (non-SSL) and Wrong host/server.

Mail Queued

There are several common causes of problems with sending email such as if you appear to be able to send email but it never arrives, it may be in a queue. Some applications put email in a queue when you send it, and the user has to manually send all queued mail to actually transmit it.

Relaying Not Allowed

Many Internet access providers require clients within their network to use their own servers for sending mail, as a policy intended to cut down on email spammers sending spam through other provider's servers.

Server Down

If you can do a successful connection check, and the above suggestions don't help, and a recipient continues to say that email sent from you does not arrive, and you are certain their address is spelled correctly, then one of the email servers between you and your destination is likely down.

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Exploring More Mail Server Issues

Mail Server covers a broad category of services. Some errors are easy to diagnose while others require a bit of investigation. If you cannot send mail, the problem is likely a restriction by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as many block the normal sendmail port 25, due to their own security concerns. This can be the case even if sending was working recently as some ISP's roll these changes through without warning.

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