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IT Infrastructure
Our IT infrastructure contains of latest technologies and software. We have been employed with development and technology since its inception. We believe in uniting new technologies into ours as well as our clients' systems. Our world class infrastructural abilities helps in creating a protected atmosphere with minimized network pauses, which ensures work continuity without any disruption.

Our dedicated server room confirms that our treasured information does not have to be handled by unauthorized personnel. We do not have to worry about losing our vital information and they are existing to us seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. We have business firewall and desktop safety which ensures that our systems are safe from external threats.

itscPro | United States   Our IT infrastructure includes:
  • Dedicated server room
  • Watch Guard Firewall security
  • Unfailing network up time
  • Corporate firewall and desktop security
  • Dedicated VOIP facilities and Voice leased lines (IPLC)

Physical Infrastructure
Physical Infrastructure is the backbone of operations in a company and a good physical infrastructure result in excellent customer satisfaction, rise in employee productivity, increased sales and boost in company's reputation. Our physical and IT infrastructure applies combine industry knowledge with functional expertise. We are uniquely placed to serve our clients with timely and high quality project delivery.

Our well designed physical infrastructure optimizes space and creates a pleasant working ambiance. Capabilities such as complete power backup, reliable security system in the building and world class facilities ensure employee satisfaction and high quality work-flow. Our well designed infrastructure helps in saving energy and reducing costs. Our well monitored connections and detailed reports ensure good asset tracking system, resulting in improved capacity management, which further improves profitability by cutting down losses.

itscPro | United States   Our Physical Infrastructure includes:
  • Apply data diagnostic tools, automated processing, reporting, work-flow management and analysis
  • Select dispositions and work queues based on pre-set criteria (workload volume, management hierarchy)
  • Provide web-based reporting and unique quality of information (QOI) analytics to gain immediate visibility into work-in-progress, process logic, work flow exception handling and ongoing performance
  • Develop data migration roadmap, dependencies and pre-requisites