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Take Advantage Of Data Archive As A Services
Archiving Solutions
Our archiving solutions minimize risk, control costs, and increase content reuse. Now you can focus on what matters most—active production information. With itscPro archiving solutions, you can apply common archiving services—such as retention, distribution, and security—across a variety of content types, while automating data movement to the most appropriate tier of storage. The result is secure archived data at the lowest total cost.

Best-of-Breed Technology
Data archive as a Service will address your challenges and needs for managing, storing, accessing and recovering large amounts of data. Our latest information management service uses best-of-breed technology to review your existing data, and then make decisions based on pre-defined rules if that data should be moved to a purpose-built storage location. At the same time, you can recall any archived information straight away.
We address a whole host of business requirements including email storage optimization, regulatory compliance and data security. Best of all, our solution assists you to reduce costs while taking the hard work out of compliance.

itscPro | United States   Online Access - Improve information access by keeping data online and readily accessible and reusable.
itscPro | United States   Unchanged Data Archiving - Speed backup and recovery processes by archiving unchanged data.
itscPro | United States   Process Automation - save time and money and enable rapid information retrieval with automated archiving processes.
itscPro | United States   Regulatory Compliance - Preserve important documents, e-mails, and other critical data according to internal rules and external regulations.
itscPro | United States   Storage Efficiency - Reclaim terabytes of storage capacity by migrating older or infrequently accessed data from primary systems to more cost-effective archival storage.

Why you need Archive as a Service
itscPro | United States   Increase performance and reduce costs
Important data that needs to be kept, but not accessed regularly, is taking up expensive storage resources. This means infrastructure is needlessly expensive and not being used efficiently. Manual or inefficient processes also consume valuable IT resources.
itscPro | United States   Easily fulfil regulations or compliance requirements
Some organisations, such as government agencies, need to meet specific regulations or compliance requirements for data management. We’ll supply a single point of collection, storage and contact for all your data. Recall data any time as required. Choose what is backed up and archived, when, how and where. All of this makes compliance a snap.
itscPro | United States   Reduce time spent backing up and archiving
Why waste time on backing up and archiving when we can make the tasks more efficient and simple? With an easy-to-use portal and you defining the rules, you could dramatically reduce overhead administration by consolidating to one cloud-based system with a consistent set of business rules. Customers that run different applications at different times and in different locations will especially benefit.
itscPro | United States   More benefits from Archive as a Service
We will help you leverage Archive as a Service quickly and effectively, while integrating into your existing systems in a secure fashion; including a single sign-on through Active Directory, and integration into Outlook clients.

What’s more, you benefit from:
  • Low-cost off-site storage to free up priority resources
  • Configurable policies for whether data is to be deleted after a certain time period or kept indefinitely
  • All of your archived data is indexed, allowing you to quickly search for data via an simple self-service portal
  • A converged platform ensures less administration overheads
  • Recall information instantly that may not have been used recently but is needed again
  • Data de-duplication ensures that disk space is optimised for minimal usage
  • All company data is encrypted to ensure your security